What We Do

At Citadel, we believe in removing the complexities of the ever-growing security threats that are faced by businesses and organisations today. Our service is designed to provide a simple yet powerful platform for reporting security threats and breaches to arm businesses with the intelligence to allow informed decisions to be made on protecting valuable intellectual property.

Citadel hosts and manages an elastic SIEM and Network Operations Log audit and analysis engine. Citadel can support log data from all of the network and security devices in your IT estate. Citadel offers bespoke reporting criteria as well as the 1000+ ‘out of the box’ reports on compliance requirements including PCI, GPG13, HIPPA, SOX & the new EU directive on Data Breach Disclosure. With an integrated and cross-correlated view into your network, devices, apps and user logs, Citadel simplifies the collection of information that impacts UK businesses. With a powerful analytics engine, automated CMDB and event consolidation, smart anomaly detection, identity and location binding, and flexible data management, Citadel redefines the next generation of SIEM.

Why we are different

By providing a service that is subscription based, Citadel delivers businesses and organisations greater flexibility in adopting security best practices. We enable businesses and organisations the ability to scale up or scale back based an their real-time requirements.

Citadel provides reporting across multiple attack vectors by auditing and analysing Windows Event Logs, syslog, SNMP & Netflow traffic from routers, switches, firewalls and IDS/IDP sensors. Citadel’s platform provides change management for audit and reporting that deliver a comprehensive CMDB (Change Management Database) through powerful discovery, automation and intelligent grouping for network and security assets. Citadel provides pre-packaged and customisable reporting to meet industry compliance requirements and reducing the operational time and expenditure during and between audits for example PCI-DSS. Real-time network and security visibility alerting against unauthorised access and assisting in troubleshooting vulnerabilities. Citadel can implement in hours not days, reducing expenditure on implementation and IT operational costs.

It is estimated that 70% of security breaches are now coming from inside companies or organisations, SIEM is now widely accepted as the most effective way of increasing visibility by understanding the threat trends. The barriers to implementing SIEM are the capital cost of implementation, and the internal resource required to keep up with the ever-changing demands.